transformação digital e RH

There is no doubt when we stop to reflect on how the pandemic has changed paradigms and behaviors influencing consumers, from small entrepreneurs to fintechs, startups or even large companies.

The truth is that faced with the obligation to stay at home, we all had to review ways to carry out routine tasks with, at least, the same efficiency and quality with which we used to do them outside the home.

Growth despite a chaotic situation

We can say that much of the chaos caused by the pandemic could be alleviated with the fruits harvested by the Digital Transformation movement, after all, people, companies and startups were already moving to work and provide their services focusing on the customer experience and so many other benefits that came to handy with the moment.

Fintechs and other startups gained prominence even in the face of so many challenges, as the high demand for easy and digital banking services made this market grow the equivalent of 4 or 5 years in just 3 months.

In addition to the increased search for its own clients, the digital financial sector also received contributions of more than $1 billion in around 70 rounds, according to Inside Venture Capital Brasil. The relevance of these numbers becomes even greater when associated with the national scenario, where more than 70% of startups have never received any type of investment, as pointed out by the Brazilian Association of Startups (Abstartups).

A curiosity is that many of the contributions mentioned came from traditional banks, which, understanding the need to become more modern and capable of the changes promoted by the digital transformation, ended up allying themselves with fintechs and startups or developing solutions similar to those they already provided, such as the pix and open banking services.

With the growth and prominence of fintechs and startups in the last year, the absorption of professionals who seek to grow with all the technological movement also increased. Therefore, it is never too much to say that Digital Transformation is about people and the power they have to use technological advances in favor of a better society for all.

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