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Digital Transformation

Hacks to grow with the digital transformation in companies

The digital transformation in companies is already a reality. Contrary to what many people imagine, it goes beyond the application of technologies in processes. It is important to know that, to be consolidated, transformation needs to permeate the organizational culture.

But how to make it happen, in practice? In this post, you’ll check out some hacks that will help your business grow with the digital transformation. Keep reading!

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Management, Startup

Employee Management: the importance of team in the start-up

Truth be told: to have success and growth in any company that is starting, it is essential to have a good team. For this, it is relevant to clarify the importance of people management within the startup, and that is our goal here.

Follow the factors that need to be considered by people management to recruit your startup team. With that, realize the importance of managing a team that makes a difference to have exponential growth.

Come with us!

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transformação digital e RH
Digital Transformation, Startup

How fintechs and startups gained prominence in the pandemic

There is no doubt when we stop to reflect on how the pandemic has changed paradigms and behaviors influencing consumers, from small entrepreneurs to fintechs, startups or even large companies.

The truth is that faced with the obligation to stay at home, we all had to review ways to carry out routine tasks with, at least, the same efficiency and quality with which we used to do them outside the home.

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